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Ultimate Character

UE4 Vaultcache Ultimate Character 4.24 - 4.25

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Большой пак с огромным количеством персонажей реализованных как супер-герои. Со своим внешним видом, анимациями, способностями, комбо-атаками и многое другое!
Идеальный пак для вашего супергеройского проекта!

Технические детали / Technical Details:
Tutorials : Youtube
  • Optimized Blueprints
  • Modular Project
  • AI/Player characters
  • AI/Player attack(s) for each character.
  • AI/Player weapon(s) for each character
  • AI/Player combo attacks (Single weapon & multiple weapons)
  • Equip primary & secondary weapon
  • Player UI for attacks & items (Supports Game-pad)
  • Dynamic camera for blocking, attacking & lock on target
  • Checkpoint system
  • Easy to setup animations
  • Set options from tables
  • AI searching for pickup items (Ammo & Health)
  • Ticket Support
  • Debugging tool
Number of Blueprints: More than 250 including samples.
Input: Movement & Inventory by Mouse, Keyboard & Game-pad.
Network Replicated: Currently No, If you guys support this project I'll add in future.
Supported Development Platforms: Blueprints are very optimized & works on any platforms.
Supported Target Build Platforms: All Platforms.
Important/Additional Notes:
You don't need to know programming or advance knowledge of the blueprint, You can use this project with any level of UE4 knowledge.
Characters, models, effects used in trailer are available in download package, Also you can download them for free from Marketplace.
Player character is not optimized for VR.
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