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Third Person Story Adventure Template

UE4 Asset Third Person Story Adventure Template 4.25

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Документация / Documentation

Шаблон адвенчур истории от третьего лица. Реализован в кинематографическом стиле (в отличии от версии первого лица). Более сложный в настройке и миграции чем предыдущая версия от первого лица.

Технические детали / Technical Details:
Core Features:

  • A fully functional third person player controller, pawn and animation blueprint
  • Cinematic interactions using sequences
  • An integrated interaction system with interactive actor blueprints
  • An interaction widget rendered in virtual 3D space with object occlusion
  • System and interface for collecting and reviewing journal entries and inventory items
  • Full mouse & keyboard and gamepad support with dynamic input detection system
  • A sophisticated main and ingame menu with options for graphics, audio and gameplay
  • Saving and loading your game into 3 different slots with additional progress information
  • Integrated functions for easy level transitions with level streaming support
  • Prepared localization support with language selection in options menu
  • Helpful extra features like footstep effects based on surface type
Number of Blueprints: 54
Input: Mouse & Keyboard, Gamepad
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Mac & Windows

Личный выдается только премиум группе на усмотрение автора темы.
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