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Pivot Tool

UE4 Plugin Pivot Tool 4.25

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С помощью инструмента Pivot Tool вы можете легко изменить пивот вручную или автоматически, применив один из 27 пресетов. Вы можете запечь изменения разворота в статический меш прямо внутри Unreal Editor, нет необходимости открывать программное обеспечение 3D-моделирования для настройки положения разворота.

Технические детали / Technical Details:
List of Features:
• Modify and bake mesh pivot point inside Unreal Editor, useful for reusing existing assets or testing pivot placement of modular meshes.
• Bake both mesh pivot location and rotation while preserving physics collision and sockets data
• Bake pivot change to current mesh or duplicated mesh
• 27 pivot presets for quick and easy pivot setting, organized in 4 groups (center/face/corner/edge) with intuitive UI.
• Apply pivot preset by actor bounding box or by mesh vertexes.
• Apply pivot preset temporarily or auto save the change.
• Ability to apply pivot preset to selected actors as one group or individually
• Use Vertex Mode to snap pivot point to mesh vertexes while applying pivot preset
• Save temporary pivot placement (Alt + Middle mouse) with one button click
• Quickly reset actor pivot offset
• Copy pivot from one actor and paste into as many actors as selected

• PivotTool (Editor)

Network Replicated: N/A (Editor plugin)
Supported Development Platforms: Windows (Prebuilt Binary for Mac but not tested)
Supported Target Build Platforms: All

Documentation Included: Pivot Tool User Guide
Example Project: N/A
Important/Additional Notes:
- Full c++ source code included, works with both Launcher and Github builds
- Works with both c++ and Blueprint only projects
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