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Modular CyberPunk City Asset Pack

UE4 Vaultcache Modular CyberPunk City Asset Pack 4.24

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Этот пак был создан опытным профессионалом отрасли. Эти универсальные модульные меши и основные материалы позволяют быстро создавать уровни. Хорошо работает с другими ассетами в Epic Marketplace. Спецификации, типичные для игры AAA.

Технические детали / Technical Details:
  • 101 Unique Meshes
  • 51 Blue Prints to speed up workflow such as placing signs with lights, custom buildings and props
  • Master Materials with advanced parameters such as: Masked Colorization, Flickering emmisives, Scrolling, Pulsating, Cubemaps, UV coordinated adjustments, World Tiling and more.
  • 20 Decal materials
  • 34 Custom material instances for variation
  • 2 custom material functions for panning and glitching textures
Texture Sizes:
  • 2048 x 2048 (48)
  • 1024 x 512 (1)
  • 512 x 512 (1)
  • 128 x 128 (1)
Texture Size:
  • Almost all Textures are 2048 with some LOD bias set to lower resolution if needed. There are a few Textures set to 512 (i.e, interior cubemap, and a couple of textures that are 128
Collision: Yes. Mostly custom and a few autogenerated for the simpler meshes
Vertex Count: Max vert count on the most complex asset is around 13k
LODs: Max vert count on the most complex asset is around 13k
Number of Meshes: 101
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 114
Number of Textures: 51
Supported Development Platforms: PC, Console
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