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Lightning Fast

UE4 Asset Lightning Fast 4.26

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Lightning Fast - это мощная комбинация материалов и блюпринтов, в которой реализован широкий спектр реалистичных и стилизованных эффектов электричества. Есть несколько способов использования молнии в играх и фильмах, начиная от ударов молний на заднем плане, мигающих молниями во время шторма через электрические заборы и заканчивая разрушительными молниями и заклинаниями. Эта система разработана с учетом всех этих эффектов одновременно на высокой производительности и качестве AAA.

Технические детали / Technical Details:

Supported effects:

  • flashes/bolts/strikes
  • beams/chains/splines
  • discharges/electrocute/volume/fences
  • trails/ribbons
Character skills:
  • lightning gun
  • lightning trail in slow-motion run
  • lightning AoE
  • hit/electrocute reactions

The Lightning Fast Mesh combined with Lightning Fast Material has some useful features and properties that are very important in the vfx production.
  • can be used witch spline meshes
  • can be scaled and keeps proper shape
  • can be used in particle system
  • can be watched from every angle

Update 1.1
  • Added network replication
  • New ambient light in lightning bolts
Technical Details
  • GPU friendly and optimized for all platforms
  • Wide range of high quality effects
  • Two types o beam rendering (spline mesh/spline billboard mesh)
  • Integrated with dynamic lights and material light functions and splines
  • Over hundred parameters in materials to customize final effect
  • Spline based shape of bolt easy to adjust to scene
  • Multiple animated lines rendered in single beam
  • Depth fade fade effect, glow and line color, refraction, distortion
  • Procedural beam texture
  • Dynamic branch masking and fading effect
  • Everything implemented in blueprints show
  • Parameterized cascade particles
  • Easy integration with Fast Stylized Procedural Sky
  • Skinned skeleton mesh and advances x-ray material

Package Size: 16MB+29MB demo
Materials: 5 (14 instances, 9 material functions)
Textures: 1
Blueprints: 10
Meshes: 10
Emitters: 11

  • Prototype pack textures and materials created for demonstration purposes
  • Lightning mesh generator/editor - advanced tool prepared for editing and generating lightning meshes, allows to implement external lightning propagation class. Contains additional library of functions that helps to create static meshes.
  • Example map with 14 use cases

Network : Yes
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
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