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Infinity Weather

UE4 Asset Infinity Weather 4.26

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Система слоев с поддержкой динамического изменения формы материала для ваших ландшафтов. Также в состав входят различные погодные эффекты: дождь, снег, эффекты на поверхностях, локальный волюметрический туман, эффект "замерзания" экрана, и.т.д.
Версия ассета / Asset Version: 1.1

Технические детали / Technical Details:

  • configurable displacement capture blueprint
  • top-down projection of displacements rendered using shape definition in the shader (sphere, capsule, box, cylinder, decal, trace-sphere)
  • skeletal mesh displacement supports
  • interface for easy integration with all types of actors
  • area of displacement move dynamically with the actor or camera
  • time-based accumulation of snow
  • displacements can be used for multiple other effects (like grass interaction)
  • displacement material functions ( snow, mud, sand, grass)
  • small world texture (1024x1024) can handle even 150x150m area
  • two materials with fast dynamic switching between material permutations
  • post-process effects (raindrops, frozen, sharpen/blur)
  • pre-translucent effects (rain circles, heat haze, experimental glitter)
  • reacts dynamically on weather conditions
  • supports character and sequencer camera
  • notify based footsteps detection system
  • example footstep types (SFX, VFX) snow, rain, mud
  • physics material support
  • configurable footstep component adjustable per character
  • footstep volumes with priorities and conditional spawning
  • defined effects snow, rain, dust, hail
  • GPU friendly and efficient, implemented on single material and mesh.
  • up to 65000 particles per emitter with high performance
  • occlusion maps
  • crossfade wind and rain sound effects

  • basic example materials (snow, mud, sand)
  • advanced landscape material prepared for mixing displacement and dynamic weather.
  • virtual texturing and layered landscape materials.
  • multiple example ground layers (rock, grass, mud, sand)
  • weather controller actor
  • spherical volumetric fog area and atmosphere and temperature
  • weather surface material function (snow/wet layer)
  • spline-based rainbow mesh with camera facing,
  • water puddle decal
  • directional light clouds shadow reacts on wind direction.
  • wind reactive effects like precipitation, ground dust, flag, trees, bushes, grass, emitters
  • example maps: Snow, Sand, Rain, World
  • character reaction to strong wind
Дополнительная информация / Additional details:
Blueprints: 31
Materials: 33 + 39 instances, (52 functions)
Sounds: 37
Textures: 45 (free starter pack textures included)
Emitters: 5
Size: 174mb + 68mb (demo content)
Replication: Yes v1.1
Platforms: PC/Console, Windows/Mac
Open world: I believe so. Not tested yet on huge maps but I will.
Mobile: Limited (no displacements, no postprocess)
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