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FPS Assemblable Gun

UE4 Asset FPS Assemblable Gun 4.24

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Система Character + Gun + Anim с автоматическим выравниванием ADS, разбросом оружия, отдачей, системой настройки оружия, репликацией и многими другими настраиваемыми функциями.

Playable demo
Video tutorial
Support thread/Change logs

Технические детали / Technical Details:
-30 Blueprints
2 Skeletal Meshes (LODs:0):
-Main rifle mesh (receiver, grip, stock and barrel. Other parts are modeled as separated meshes). Triangles: 9,292. Vertices: 9,946
-Rear flippable iron sight. Triangles: 816. Vertices: 882
11 Static Meshes (LODs:0):
-Optics dot sight, Front iron sight, Magazine, Muzzle break, Handguard, Silencer, DemoCantedRail, DemoPistol, DemoOptic, DemoSilencer, DemoOptic
-Triangles: between 12- 3990; Vertices: between 24 - 4015
Master Materials: 9
Material Instances: 31
Textures: 28
-Main Gun Mesh: 4096x4096
-Sizes from 512x512 to 2048x2048 depending on the attachment
Animation Sequences:
-1st person SK_Mannequin_Arms: 15 (8 for the example rifle and 7 for the example pistol)

Input: Mouse/Keyboard
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: Tested only on Windows Desktop
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows Desktop
Documentation: Video tutorial, Blueprint comments/tool tips
Important/Additional Notes:
-Camera must be within reach of the arms for the alignment to work
-Gun must be attached to any socket in the HAND_R bone on the Epic's SK_Mannequin_Arms
-The example hand_r socket provided fits the guns provided. For your own guns, hitting the ADS button will still align no matter how misaligned this socket is to your gun. But you still should tweak this socket to your own gun for when not aiming down sights
-Not suited for whole-body character
-Doesn't include sounds
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