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Easy Swim Component - Make Water Swimmable

UE4 Vaultcache Easy Swim Component - Make Water Swimmable 4.25

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Easy Swim делает добавление всех необходимых аспектов плавания в вашей игре без особых усилий.
Перетащите компонент в любой эпический персонаж и готово!
Вы можете свободно входить и выходить из воды, плавать во все направления, и прыгать в воду со специальными анимациями.

Технические детали / Technical Details:
  • Swimming
  • Post process effects, reacts to different water settings
  • Swim locking
  • Anti surface pop
  • Swim 'sprinting'
  • Drowning
  • Special jumps when jumping into water
  • 19 swimming animations and 4 jump loops
  • Particles and events on specific points of contact
  • Water with a customizable water material example
  • Easy to add to existing projects
Number of Blueprints: 2
  1. Easy Water volume Blueprint
  2. Easy Swimming Component
Number of Animations:
  • 19 Swimming
  • 4 jumping
  • 1 idle
  • 3 fist pumping
Input: (Gamepad, Keyboard)
Network Replicated: (No) However, I do plan to ASAP.
Supported Development Platforms: (PC, Console)

Video: Integration Show Case
Discord: Support Discord
Doc: Documentation
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