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DENT - Networked Destruction - APEX

UE4 Asset DENT - Networked Destruction - APEX 4.14 - 4.26

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DENT - Networked Destruction - APEX - это полностью сетевой шаблон, который расширяет функциональные возможности существующей механики разрушаемости мешей, позволяя управлять точечным и радиальным разрывом меша. DENT добавит реалистичности к звуковому и визуальному воздействию на разрушаемые конструкции.

Технические детали / Technical Details:
List of Features
• Full network support for destructible meshes
• Extended fracture control on destructible meshes
• Example Networked ranged damage system template included
• Modular examples of destructible buildings
• Fracture events:
⁃ disable lighting
⁃ explode on fracture
⁃ AOE damage
⁃ spawn particle emitters and sounds for both radial and point-based damage
⁃ damage debris
⁃ kill switch
• 25 destructible items configured in blueprints:
⁃ barrel
⁃ wooden box
⁃ stone wall as an extended structure with support
⁃ 2 lamp posts - affect lighting
⁃ 2 modular buildings
⁃ basic particle emitters and sounds included

Number of Blueprints:
35, 8 Master, 4 tutorial, 25 Examples
Network Replicated: Yes
Meshes: 22
Maps: overview and showcase
Intended platform: Windows,Mac
Platforms tested: Windows
First release
Last update
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