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Brushify - Volcano Pack

UE4 Vaultcache Brushify - Volcano Pack 4.26

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Technical Details​

  • 4 Unique Terrain pieces (as pictured above)
  • Each terrain piece has both Meshes and Alpha Brushes.
  • Alpha Brush Textures can be used to sculpt mountains directly into the landscape.
  • This pack contains a ready-made level already built using the Brushify assets.
  • Includes the Brushify Landscape Auto material that automatically textures the terrain as users paint.
  • Automaterial includes 9 Paintable Biome materials Grass, GrassDry, Desert, Dunes, Beach, Forest, ForestDry, Snow, Mud
  • Texture variants for multiple biomes are included (Snow, Grassland, Desert and Rocky)
  • Includes a complete rock set : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/O10Pg
Texture Sizes: All textures are 8192x8192 resolution
Vertex Count: 1000 to 62,000
LODs: All meshes have 6 LODs
Number of Meshes: 4
1 Terrain Alpha Brush Texture (4 seperate alphas in RGBA Channels)
Contains Landscape Auto Material (auto textures terrain, paint down multiple biomes, easy material and layer setup)
Contains Near Mesh shader (easily switch assets to different biomes: snow, desert, coast)
Contains Simple Water Shader
Contains Foliage Material
Contains Cloud Shadows Material

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