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AI Spline-Based Movement System

UE4 Plugin AI Spline-Based Movement System 4.25

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Это продвинутая, оптимизированная и простая в настройке компонентно-ориентированная система, которая позволит вам достичь большего количества аспектов качества ваших игр в AAA. Делает перемещение ИИ по сеткам гораздо более плавным и естественным, не накладывая никаких ограничений на вращение / движение вашего персонажа (или пешки) и не снижая производительность (по крайней мере, в современных процессорах среднего класса для настольных ПК).

How to use it?
  • Add plugin's actor component to your Pawn/Character
  • Add just two nodes/behavior tasks from it to your logic
  • Tune it's params (which all has description) as you want
  • That's all
  • Easy to setup, no coding skills required
  • Contains 1 actor component, 2 blueprint nodes, 1 behavior tree task
  • Compatible both with Characters and Pawns
  • Compatible both with RVO Avoidance and Crowd Manager, but not at perfect level in some cases
  • Very well optimized - no performance drops at least on modern $100 CPUs (tested with 100 actors)
  • Has fully commented code - hundreds of lines of comments
  • Code is fairly flexible for inheritance and your further code modifications

Технические детали / Technical Details:
Number of Blueprints
: 0
Number of C++ Classes: 4
Network Replicated: No (Not Required)
Supported Development Platforms: Win64/Win32/Linux/MacOS/PS4/XboxOne/IOS/Android
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64/Win32/Linux/MacOS/PS4/XboxOne/IOS/Android
Documentation: Source code comments + Tutorial (PDF)
Example Projects (Plugin Required): UE4.20; UE4.21; UE4.22; UE4.23; UE4.24; UE4.25
Demo project: Packaged
First release
Last update
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