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AI Daily Life

UE4 Asset AI Daily Life 4.26

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Добавьте жизни в свой мир с NPC способными спать, работать и расслабляться.
Ваши NPC будут спать, работать или расслабляться в зависимости от времени суток, добавлять жизнь в ваши миры и экономить часы с помощью этого легко реализуемого набора.
Идеально подходит для RPG или всего, что нуждается в множестве персонажей, живущих своей жизнью.


  • Added a simple hunger system
  • Fixed showcase map nav mesh
Технические детали / Technical Details:
Main features:

  • A day/night cycle that affects the behavior of the NPCs
  • Relax - an NPC with nothing else to do will sit on chairs, lean against walls or just hang around with other NPCs.
  • Work - the NPC will go to work in the hours of the day you set
  • Sleep - when you assign a bed to an NPC it will sleep there the hours you choose
  • (NEW) Eat - The NPCs will get hungry and search for food.
  • Drag & Drop so no knowledge is required to use this pack!
  • Easy to add animations and your own behaviors.
  • Simple behavior tree for expanding this pack.
Extra features:
  • 7 actors that the NPCs can interact with (You can create your own!)
  • Supports any kind of character/animations
  • 6 custom animations for easy prototyping
Number of Blueprints: 20
Input: (Keyboard, Mouse)
Documentation: In-editor map
Important/Additional Notes:
  • Does not include combat, if you want to have it you will have to add your own / get one from the marketplace.
  • The price of this pack will increase for each content update
  • It is recommended that you have basic knowledge of AI if you plan to extend this pack
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