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Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit

UE4 Asset Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit 4.25

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Этот blueprint содержит все основные компоненты, необходимые для создания собственной пошаговой стратегии или пошаговой тактической игры. Он поддерживает как квадратные, так и шестиугольные сетки и включает в себя системы для видимости, управления камерой и AI. Уровни можно строить прямо в окне просмотра с помощью перетаскивания или автоматически генерировать поверх подстилающей поверхности. Все сделано с использованием хорошо организованных, прокомментированных blueprints, что делает настройку системы возможной даже для непрограммистов. Многочасовые обучающие видеоролики позволят вам быстро освоить инструментарий. Набор инструментов разработан, чтобы быть максимально гибким, и является отличной отправной точкой для многих типов пошаговых стратегических игр.

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Технические детали / Technical Details:
• Grid based path finding with variable movement cost.
• Supports square and hexagonal grids, as well as multi-level grids.
• Fully realized top down camera with mobile and keyboard support
• Build levels directly in the UE4 viewport, either through drag and drop or through an automatic algorithm.
• Intelligent, tactical AI.
• Visibility system.
• Basic VR support
• Advanced turned based tactics example map.
• Fully networked multiplayer.
• Designed to be flexible and allow for many types of TBS games.

Most of the grid based logic is contained within the Grid Manager blueprint. This includes visibility and pathfinding, which works independently of navmesh. The Grid Manager generates a grid when it is placed in the viewport. The turn based game structure is managed by swappable Turn Manager blueprints and input by ATBTT_PlayerController, channeled through modular ability blueprints which are also used to drive AI. Top down camera controls are contained in BP_GridCamera.

The framework contains some very simple meshes and materials, which are intended as placeholders for your own meshes and materials. The 24 included meshes contain few Tris and the 11 materials are simple colors without textures, causing minimal impact on performance as you are prototyping your game. Most included meshes have less than 30 Tris. All have less than 100.

Additionally two example games are included which use creative commons assets. They are included in the toolkit, but are also available elsewhere. The 2D dungeon crawler example uses a spritesheet that is licenced under creative commons zero, which is free to use for commercial use without attribution. These sprites were not created by me and can be downloaded for free (https://opengameart.org/content/dungeon-crawl-32x32-tiles). The example game also includes music created by Jon Lunde. If you want to hear more, here is a link to his Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/marengs. The tactical game example uses 3D models by Invulse games (www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/36km9u/200_completely_free_mobile_scifi_rpg_assets_ue4/ ), as well as icons from game-icons.net. The specific icons were made by Delapouit (crosshair), Skoll (footsteps) and Lorc (the rest).
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