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UE4 Asset Horror Mechanics 4.25

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Horror Mechanics is a basic template that includes the most common features found in first-person horror games, such as first-person hands/body, interactive objects, boxes, doors, interactive lighting, puzzles, inventory system, researched objects and keys, all integrated into the "common checkpoint system" interface.

Download: 64-bit version of Windows
For more information about the drawing and how it works in general, check out the documentation here:


This template requires you to have some experience with drawing, character retargeting, and asset management, and may not be recommended to beginners, as it uses the most performance-optimized workflow for some of its systems, which ultimately doesn't turn out to be very user-friendly.

Technical Details :

  • Furniture with interactive drawers / doors
  • Physics based/animated interactive doors
  • Examinable objects: examinable environment objects and inventory items, with interactive spots
  • Documents: Books and Notes with textures shared between 3D actors in-level and on screen (2D)
  • Inventory System: Manages all collected items, documents, wieldable items (flashlights, weapons)
  • Interactive lights: desk lamps, ceiling lights, light switches
  • Keys: Examinable keys and VirtualKeys (not listed in inventory list) for unlocking doors or furniture drawers / doors
  • Wieldable items: equip-able items like flashlights and weapons, uses a simple character interface for playing animations in both first person arms and body
  • Puzzles: actor class for interactive actors, with implementable events for combining inventory items into puzzles
  • Objectives: basic objective system for adding, activating, and triggering in-level event dispatchers
  • Actor for triggering events when player is looking / not looking at certain directions
  • Basic physics manipulation
  • Basic UI inventory system: dragging, reordering, combining and discarding inventory items | viewing collected documents
  • Basic Checkpoint / SaveGame system for all actor classes
  • Player character with first person arms and separated first person body (this means that you need to be able to edit your character mesh in a DCC software like Blender, or use a simplified (but functional) different version from the screenshots/videos)

Number of Blueprints: 26
Input: Keyboard/Mouse, Gamepad
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows
Documentation: See description
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